[video] The World’s Most Famous Chess Combinations #2: Lasker v. Bauer

In Amsterdam 1889 Lasker played a very famous combination against Bauer.
Check out the video:


  1. Vladja May 28, 2008

    Way cool man!

  2. Diamondback October 6, 2008

    With your permission , I have included a link to your fantastic chess video on Lasker’s Sacrifice on my chess blog http://www.diamondbackchess.blogspot at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA.

    I enjoyed the analysis and different chess variations that you show in this Lasker Bauer chess video. Please make a DVD of all your famous chess combinations for us to buy.


  3. Waldemar October 6, 2008

    Dear Diamondback,

    I feel happy to contribute;-)
    Hmm, a DVD, that might be an idea!
    Would you also buy downloads?

    Thanks for adding the endorsement to your blog!



  4. Ronald Diaz August 22, 2009

    This Lasker’s game is one of the reason why I switch my main opening repertoire to the Colle Zukertort AKA Rubinstein attack. Great game indeed !!!

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