[video] Chess News #8: Morozevich – Sokolov, Sarajevo 2008

During this year’s Bosna Chess Tournament Alexander Morozevich managed another one of his impressive tournament victories. But in the process he was also reaching very high ELO levels. There was a lot of speculation whether he would overtake Kramnik or even Anand in the FIDE rankings! But during the last three rounds he took it easy and played draws. Nevertheless he ended up on the first place with a score of 7,5 out of ten and a TPR of 2869. In this installment of Your Daily Chews we will look at his seemingly effortless victory against Dutch GM Ivan Sokolov. Enjoy the video! (appr. 20. min)


  1. Vladja June 8, 2008

    Hi Waldemar,

    Cool and entertaining video.
    I like your commentating style.

    Will you also be checking out the Aerosvit tournament?



  2. Waldemar June 8, 2008

    Hi Vladja,

    I think so.
    Carlsen is playing an interesting game against Ivanchuk.
    He has the exchange for two pawns.



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