Chessy: Better Your Chess’s Blogwarming Chess Improvement Carnival!

Dear visitors and co-bloggers,

I’m hosting my first Chess Carnival here at Better Your Chess. It is called “Chessy” and the first edition is meant to celebrate my recently iborne blog. The topic of the Carnival will be:
Chess Improvement.

Ahum, what is a carnival? explains it to us:

A blog carnival is a periodically-published traveling blog post, that contains links to other blog posts dealing with a specific topic. The blog carnival gets its name from its traveling nature; a blog carnival travels from blog to blog, much like a real-life carnival travels from town to town.

A blog carnival is appealing to readers that have a specific topic that they’re interested in, such as personal finance, debt reduction, investing, frugality, capitalism, and recipes, to name just a few. It’s a place where folks can read a lot of different recent posts on a similar topic. Since the authors submit these posts to the carnival, in principle you’re getting quality content with these blog carnivals.

Do you want to contribute a post or article to Chessy? Then please find all the details on the Carnival’s homepage: Chessy.
You can also submit from there using the “Submit an article” link in the menu on your left hand side.
Alternatively, you can use the information provided below and work from there.

N.B.: You don’t have to write an article especially for this Carnival, you can also submit an existing article or post. Submitting only requires you to send in a URL!

The closing date for submissions is the 30th of june. I will post the Carnival on the 2nd of July.

Happy Carnival!



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