All Set For Wales!

Dear all,

Coming wednesday I’ll be leaving for Wales. I’m going on a holiday for 10 days. I fly to Liverpool with a friend of mine and then we will head south to visit Wales. We hope to visit the Brecon Beacons, the Cardiff area, the coast and Snowdonia amongst others.

If all goes well I also hope to meet fellow chess blogger SonofPearl whom a lot of you may know. He lives in… Wales!

If you might think: “Hey, it’s quiet on the Better Your Chess front”, then you understand why. I’ll try to do some posts before I leave, and maybe give an update or two from Wales if I come across an Internet cafe or so.




  1. SonofPearl July 19, 2008

    It was great to meet you Waldemar! Keep up the great blog! :)

  2. Waldemar July 20, 2008

    Thanks SonofPearl, same here!

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