[video] Chess News #23: Svidler – Ivanchuk, Sochi 2008


  1. Roger karlsson September 14, 2008

    Thank´s for this ambitious site, one of my favorite site´s. I´m new in chess at this level. I used to play in the 1980 century when I baught a chess-computor. That “evil” thing beat me all the time so I gave it up. Since last Christmas I´m in it again. I´m playing with Fritz 9 and Chessmaster on my computor. I can lover the strengh/level so even I can beat them now and then.
    I read a lot of chessbooks now to learn on openengs etc. I hope to improve my playing strengh in a couple of years.

    best regards
    Roger from Sweden

  2. Waldemar September 14, 2008

    Hi Roger,

    Welcome to the site!
    Have you ever considered playing humans, in a chessclub for instance?

    Good luck improving!


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