[video] Chess News #31: Anand – Ivanchuk, Bilbao 2008

Yesterday was the first round of the new Grand Slam Chess Final. it is being held in Bilbao, Spain. Magnus Carlsen got of to a great start as he defeated Levon Aronian with black. It reminded me of the candidates matches they played in Elista earlier. There Carlsen put up a tremendous fight to constantly get back into the match.

It could have been quite a vote yesterday, for playing with the black pieces, had Ivanchuk seized his opportunity to capitalize on a promising position against Anand. It is this game that I am taking a look at in the video:


  1. David K, Seattle September 10, 2008

    Big Smiles to you, please see my blog for a note about your videos and excellent web site . Thank you, dk

  2. Waldemar September 12, 2008

    Hi David, thanks again for your kind words!

  3. David L. November 12, 2008

    Fascinating. Thanks!

  4. mario January 28, 2009

    thanks waldemar, great video another time

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