[video] Chess News #32: Topalov – Carlsen, Bilbao 2008

Hi all, apologies for being away a bit longer. I have accepted a new position as a student coach and that has taken up some of my time. But don’t worry I will also remain chess coach! Back to chess now. Bilbao has provided us with a number of interesting games and this time I’m taking a closer look at the Sicilian Dragon from Topalov – Carlsen. Enjoy!


  1. David K, Seattle September 16, 2008

    dear waldemar, my readers have repeatedly shown appreciation for directing them to your blog. and, now i can breath a sigh of relief, and start to view your next video, with chessBase9 tiled to the right, and your fine explication to the left. i only lack a glass of wine! warm regards, from the Pacific Northwest, dk

  2. Waldemar September 16, 2008

    Hi David,

    Happy training!
    I added you to my Blogs & Friends List.
    By the way, red or white? ;-)


  3. David K, Seattle September 16, 2008

    three hours work, listening, transcribing. man!
    i love all your videos, but this is your best effort ever!
    truly it can be seen and therefore said that each one keeps getting better and better:

    Kanzen: Jap= continuous business improvement!

    warmly, dk

  4. Waldemar September 16, 2008

    Hi David,

    Wow, never realized I was putting you through so much effort!

    Can’t quit figure out the “Kanzen: Jap”.
    What does that mean?



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