[video] The World’s Most Famous Chess Combinations #9: Byrne – Fischer, New York 1956

In this video I discuss the famous combination that Fischer played against Donald Byrne during the Rosenwald Chess Tournament, New York 1956. The combination in itself I find not that transcendental – if compared to Kasparov v. Topalov, Wijk aan Zee 1999 f.i. – but the fact that the thirteen-year-old Bobby must have seen it coming and trusted to it as a way of solving his opening problems I find very impressive… I hope you do too!

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  1. mario October 6, 2008

    Fisher was a genius, he could hear 5 minutes of conversation of a foreign language (unknown!) and the repeat it. And we have to say thanks to him, he dovoted all the life to chess (“I just want to play chess, nothing more”).

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