[video] WCC 2008 Sample: Kramnik – Anand, Bonn 2008, Game #8

Hi all,

I’m doing an extensive video series on the Anand – Kramnik World Championship Match that was recently held in Bonn, Germany. As we all know Vishy has retained the title in convincing style. Congratulations to him!

The complete video analysis for all the games is avalaible as a free bonus from the Better Your Chess University if you sign up.
Below you will find a free sample for game 8 (playing time: 50 minutes).


  1. David K February 17, 2009

    dear waldemar:

    i forget you not, but life has been overwhelming since september, my last chance to view you since then only occurring in the last three nights, but now intending to be back here most evenings till i catch up to your recent work, with intent to catch up on your major game work consecutively.

    still love your stuff. it appears that you are more commercial now, which cannot be blamed, and glad it is working out for you. you certainly deserve real success. i do hope that you do continue to make SOME of your videos still accessible, for us working poor :).

    but just to take a second to thank you. much free video on the web is available in 2009, but how much of it is any good? debatable. but you are a top dog!

    thank you, and best wishes in the new year,

    dk, aka transformation or dk-transform
    in seattle

  2. Waldemar February 17, 2009

    Hi DK,

    Thanks again for your kind words, they keep me going!

    It is true, I have become more commercial now.
    However, I also intend to just keep doing free videos.
    Unfortunately my busy job as a studentcoach has kept me from doing it more frequently the last few months.

    Linares and Kamsky-Topalov soon!

    CU around,

    Kind regards,


  3. Herbert March 16, 2009

    I am interested in purchasing 8 Opening Lectures By IGM Karel Van der Weide.

    Is it a video or just pgn files.

    Please advise:



  4. Waldemar March 16, 2009

    Hi Herb,

    The download contains first and foremost videos and also the pgn-files that summarize the analysis.



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