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Are you tired of losing at chess?  Are you not improving and repeatedly making the same kind of mistakes? Are chess books not helping you? Is your current training method not working? Would you like to beat your opponents more often? I any of these questions apply to you, then read on!

Over Ten Years Ago

More than ten years ago the above questions all applied to me. I felt frustrated with my chess playing, was making the same stupid mistakes over and over again and felt the need for some kind of “treatment”. Back then I was fortunate to get acquainted with IM Hans Bouwmeester, who used to be the national coach of the Dutch Chess Federation. He is famous for having trained such players as IGM Jan Timman, IGM John van der Wiel, IGM Paul van der Sterren and many others. After some tenacious pleading I was allowed an interview! I must say we hit it off well, also because of the love for piano music that we both share.

I have trained with Hans for about 8 years and have no regrets. We worked on my overall chess skills such as analysis and understanding, and also on psychology and an opening repertoire. Also I remember being very blunder prone in those days, but somehow that weaknesses evaporated! All in all, I improved my play significantly.

Now here is the news: you can experience this too! The only question that remains is: How?

Chess Improvement With The Chess Game Analysis Cycle

In order to experience chess improvement I offer you my chess training. For that I have developed a unique training concept which I call The Chess Game Analysis Cycle.

With The Chess Game Analysis Cycle you are almost certain to improve your play and get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. You will receive personal feedback and coaching from me while you work. Yes, I expect you to put in an effort, that is the essence of my training!

During the cycle I will challenge you to take a good hard look at your chess habits and thinking. Furthermore The Chess Game Analysis Cycle serves as an overall assessment of your chess game and you as a chess player. Therefore, you will get to know yourself better as a chess player because it is about you and your own games and aimed at improving your chess.

How Do We Achieve This?

The Chess Game Analysis Cycle consists of the following:

  • Intake
  • (Repeated) Chess Game Analysis Cycle:
    1. You E-mail me a chess game:
      • of your own choosing
      • that you have played yourself
      • annotated by yourself in Word to the best of your ability (without using a chess engine!)
    2. I E-mail you my feedback on your analysis by adding remarks and questions to your Word-document
    3. You reply to my feedback in the same manner
    4. If necessary we iterate steps 2 and 3
    5. I summarize the whole in a personalized chess analysis video (45-60 minutes) that I E-mail to you with a private URL

Benefits Of The Chess Game Analysis Cycle

Among the benefits of The Chess Game Analysis Cycle are:

  • An effective way of working
  • Most training methods focus on one aspect of the game and fail at bringing it all together. With The Chess Game Analysis Cycle all aspects of the game are covered and integrated such as:
    • understanding & skill
    • tactics & strategy
    • psychology
    • (opening) knowledge
    • etc.
  • You and I can work in our own time and on our own speed.
  • You finally receive real personalized training (I will actually talk to you in the video summary)!
  • You will:
    i.    get a better feel for the game
    ii.    improve your chess skills
    iii.    beat your opponents more often and win ratings points in the process…
    iv.    Experience that wonderful winning feeling more often!

Why Should You take Up Training With Me?

Listed below you will find a number of reasons why training with me can benefit you:

  • I am a K.N.S.B. (Dutch Chess Federation)-qualified chess trainer and teacher
  • I have been teaching and training chess for more then ten years
  • I have gathered a lot of over-the-board experience in playing around 1200 serious games.
  • I possess strong didactical skills
  • I have the ability to translate complicated chess matters into something graspable and understandable. Therefore, I speak your langauge!
  • I can bridge the gap between your current playing level and a higher one
  • training available in English, German and Dutch

Need more info? Take a look around my blog and get a feel for what I can offer you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The intake I will do for free and is meant to get a picture of you as a chess player.
One Chess Game Analysis Cycle consists of an investment of about 3 hours from my side and will cost you only €59,95. That is at a modest rate of about €20,= per hour.

If that is your wish, the Chess Game Analysis Cycle may lead to related assignments for which I will quote individually.

So Here’s The Thing

If you are interested in getting online training from me or have any questions about it, just drop me a note and I will get back to you.
You can buy one cycle at a time, so no strings attached.
You may also decide to purchase more cycles at once, which according to the laws of marketing should be cheaper:
• 3 Chess Game Analysis Cycles at €57,50 a piece, makes €172,50 in total
• 5 Chess Game Analysis Cycles at €55,00 a piece, makes €275,= in total

Promotion Offer!

I’m giving away a free Chess Game Analysis Cycle to the first two respondents!
I will list the happy winners on this page and in a new post.
So get in touch and Learn, Improve, Win!


Payment can be done through bank transfer or PayPal Secure Payments. I will provide you with all the necessary information once you get in touch with me.

Yes, I want to explore this opportunity!

Waldemar, busy training


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    ehi I would like a free one! :)

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