[video] The World’s Most Famous Chess Combinations #10: Larsen – Spassky, Belgrade 1970

In this video I discuss the famous chess combination that Spassky played against Larsen during the Team match U.S.S.R. – Rest Of The World, Belgrade 1970.


  1. SonofPearl February 8, 2009

    Fantastically clear, as always Waldemar. Thanks! :-)

  2. jimanycricket February 12, 2009

    Great video, I love your commentary. regards jc.

  3. justapatzer May 13, 2009

    While it does not diminish from the greatness of this game, I would like to point out that modern engines find the intermediate 14…Bxe3 even stronger than 14…Rh1 because it cuts off the King’s escape square.

  4. Ronald Diaz August 22, 2009

    A great game for Spassky. I love your enthusiasm in how you break down a chess position for both sides and why some of the tactical shots work and others not. Please keep bringing us some more. I enjoy your videos. Thank you.

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