[video] Chess Puzzle #3: What Would You Play?

Hi All, I’m trying a new video concept: Chess Puzzles. This way you can train your chess skills using a question & answer format. I’ll be posting the puzzles first and the solutions later. Don’t forget to check your E-mail box for the explanatory videos and new puzzles.
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I suggest you set up the position on your chess board, give yourself 5 minutes and try to visualize the solution. Don’t move the pieces! Make a mental note of your solution (or write down your findings) and compare with my solution video or get your hands dirty afterwards if you can’t wait. This way you actually train your chess skills.

WARNING: Chess Puzzles usually are about chess tactis. Even though many of my puzzles are also about chess tactics, it is quite possible that a different kind of solution is expected from you!
Just as with a real over-the-board game: there is nobody around to whisper in your ear what, when or how to do it!
Therefore: your on your own ;-)

Have fun nonetheless and leave a comment with your solutions!


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