Survey: Digital Chess Products. What Would You Buy?

Hi all,

I’m glad to report that the chess videos I offer for sale have been rather succesful!
I want to express my thanks to those who have given me their trust and appreciation.
Therefore I have decided to make more digital chess products.

Before I go ahead however, I would really like to get your input about the products you are interested in. I set up a small questionnaire to try and find out what you would like to buy in the future.

Please take a moment to fill out the survey below, at this point in time there are only five questions. Later I might refine a little and create a new survey to get more detailed information about the most popular choices.

Many thanks in advance!


Hmm, I’m not interested in buying digital chess products from
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  1. David L. March 16, 2009

    Ideally, taught AND entertained. :)

  2. Johan March 16, 2009

    Pity you couldn’t choose more then one thing you could be taught or entertained.

  3. mario March 16, 2009

    what is better than a video on your favourite game?

  4. Waldemar March 16, 2009

    Hi Johan,

    What options would you have liked to see also?



  5. Johan March 19, 2009

    By the question:”If you were to be taught, what would you like the subject to be?” one could only pick one and i would have liked to mark ‘chess thinking skills’, ‘chess openings’ and ‘chess psychology’ but helas i had only one choice.

    By the question:”If you were to be entertained, what would you like the subject to be?” i would have liked to mark all choices but helas again only one choice i could make.

    And maybe instead of e-books (which are great if they go over a subject you like) and videos you could have also included database(s) with annotated games in the choice.

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