Survey On Digital Chess Products: The Results

Hi all,

In March I conducted an online survey.
I asked you, The Chess People, what kind of digital products you would buy from Better Your Chess.
No less than 27 people filled out the survey for which I am very grateful.

The most important results are quite clear and I will list them below:

  • 78% of you preferes videos over e-books
  • 81% of you prefers teaching over entertainment
  • 37% of you prefers to be taught about chess thinking skills with openings as a good second (22%)
  • The bulk of you has a rating between 1600-1800 (40%)

For me this means that I will focus on creating chess videos teaching chess thinking skills that are of value for the average club & tournament player.

Prior to the survey I already had some ideas about videos teaching (certain) chess openings, so I will work on that also.

Next to that I will continue my series “The World’s Most Famous Chess Combinations”,
which according to the survey results is also popular.

Well, I have a holiday now, so I will try to make some progress.
It is to soon now to give you guys a date, but I will keep you posted!


Creating videos for you, The Chess People.


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