[video] Chess News #36: Shirov Tricks Ivanchuk!

In a 3.Bb5+ Sicilian, Ivanchuk aimed for a Maroczy Bind. Shirov obliged and fianchettoed his dragon bishop. Shirov aimed for the freeing d6-d5 break and achieved it. Probably in trying to prevent a simplification of the position Ivanchuk pushed his luck a little bit too far. After a nice tactical intermezzo by Shirov he soon found himself at a disadvantage. Ivanchuk could have defended more stubbornly, but after another mistake Shirov showed impressive technique to win the game.

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Wayne May 20, 2009

    Hi Waldemar, I wanted to tell you that I cannot hear your commentary on Chess News#36. I can hear the music before you begin talking, however your voice is too low in your commentary. I tried using different web browsers to hear this video (Internet Explorer 8,Safari 4 Beta, and Mozilla Firefox) but in all of them I can hardly hear your voice. Has anyone else written you about this situation? I just tried going to youtube and listening in all of these browsers and I could hear the music played there in all of them. Sincerely,

  2. jimanycricket May 22, 2009

    I enjoyed your analysis once again Waldemar thank you. It is amazing how one seemingly innocent and sensible move such as c5 in this game, can create such long term difficulties.

    Wayne FYI I was able to hear the commentary clearly by adjusting the settings in the open volume control.

  3. Waldemar May 23, 2009

    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks for the notification.
    At the moment I cannot reproduce your volume problem.
    I normally test the movies before they go live.
    Did jimanycricket’s suggestion solve the problem for you?



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