[video] Chess News #37: Carlsen – Topalov, Sofia 2009

During the recent Super GM Tournament in Sofia – Bulgaria, Magnus Carlsen was on the verge of winning it. In the last round however he played to sharply against Alexei Shirov who beat him after tremendous complications in a Sveshnikov. This meant that Shirov won the tournament and that Magnus came second.

Below Carlsen’s game from the first cycle against Veselin Topalov who was also doing very well on his home turf and eventually ended up in third place.
The game was a Moscow variation in which it was difficult for Topalov to get counterplay. When Carlsen initiated some activity Topalov lost the thread in the ensuing complications after which he was fighting an uphill battle. Carlsen decided matters with some nice strokes.



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  1. SonofPearl June 18, 2009

    Fantastic video, Waldemar – maybe your best yet!

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