[video] Chess News #39: Karpov – Kasparov, Video Analysis Rapid Match Valencia 2009

Hi all,

The rapid match between Karpov and Kasparov in Valencia has come to an end. Kasparov has won it 3-1. Even though Karpov won the arguably best third game of the match, he suffered from a serious lack of proper time management in the other games. At times it seemed as if he was approaching it like a crapshoot in a casino, giving Kasparov two relatively easy wins and one good one.

In this episode of Chess News I do a quick round up of all 4 games.


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  1. SonofPearl September 27, 2009

    Hi Waldemar.

    I don’t see any video at all at the moment – not even a placeholder. I hope you get the glitch fixed asap – I’m really looking forward to your analysis of the games! :-)

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