[video] Chess News #45: U.S. Chess Championships, St. Louis 2014

Hi all,

The U.S. Chess Championships in St. Louis have passed the halfway mark, and today is a restday.
Very exciting games are being played and I decided to dedicate a new Chess News video to 8 game fragments from the first half.

Enjoy the video!

Click the play button below to start the video

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  1. Marco Pernechele May 28, 2014

    Excellent video . Clear explanation , pointing to what’s essential,
    very good English , understandable . Very good for many players ,
    especially for those who have a 1400 to 1900 Elo , in my opinion .Probably it could be a good idea to use arrows , squares etc. It is a pity that Pay Pal compells every Italian who’d want to subscribe to your site to open a Pay Pal account (not so for the U.S.A. , it has different policies ), because I don’t like to play chess online , I just want effective training .Anyway, congratulations !

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