[video] Chess News #46: U.S. Chess Championships, St. Louis 2014 – Part 2

Hi all,

The U.S. Chess Championships in St. Louis have come to an end last week.
In this video I discuss the second half of the tournament in which both Aleksandr Lenderman and Varuzhan Akobian seemed to have the best chances of becoming the new champion.
But in the end…

Enjoy the video!

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  1. Marco Pernechele May 29, 2014

    Hi Waldemar ,
    in your Chess News 41 , Youtube minute 12:11 ( go figure , Google has prohibited the comments , unless one opens a channel…) why , as Hess had already gone a5 , didn’t he go on with a:b6 (in stead of B:c3 ) , B:b2 — R:a6 ? Yes , Kb7 seems to parry all attacks (like in Propaganda’s song ‘Duel’) but Black is ‘ a pawn structure down ‘ ( good joke , I hadn’t heard it before ) ,the pawns in a7 and c6 are in peril, the great Knight in d5 isn’t any more , and only the pawn in c4 gives black some chances. Why have you discarded this possibility , because of tactical or positional reasons ? I also , as you are a fine player , recommend you to pronounce ‘ fianchetto ‘ correctly . Ok , all English -speaking chess commentators say it the English way , with ch as in chess , but it’s an Italian Renaissance word and ch reads line k in ‘key’ .True , it esists only in chess terminology .Do me a favour , please ! thank you in advance. Regards. Marco P.

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