Sign Up And Earn A Free Video Analysis Lesson Of One Of Your Own Games

_ABF3528-200-200Dear all,

Until and including July the 10th, we will be taking new membership registrations again. If you are a chess enthousiast aspiring to improve your chess, then sign up during this period and by way of bonus I will offer you a free video analysis lesson of a game of your choice!

The free video analysis lesson:

  • …is worth about USD 40,= (EUR 30,=)
  • …will last about one hour
  • …will contain useful feedback on the opening, middle game, end game and mistakes as well as tips & tricks
  • …will be made available to you via a personalized download link

If you want to make use of this offer, then:

  • sign up for the Better Your Chess! membership anywhere during the 1st July – 10th July period
  • send me an additional e-mail stating your wish to make use of the offer, with a .pgn file attached containing the game notation at:

Consider your choice of game carefully, you may want to send me a game that you have lost or that you have not (fully) grasped and want to learn from. Make sure also that the game is not too short (preferably 40 or more moves) and has some interesting content!




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