Previewing The Sinquefield Cup (3): Can Caruana Beat Carlsen?

In a previous article Previewing The Sinquefield Cup (2): Can Aronian Beat Carlsen?, I discussed the likelyhood of Aronian beating Carlsen during the upcoming Sinquefield Cup. In this follow-up I want to take a look at the number three on the starting list, Fabiano Caruana.


In the database I found 14 encounters in classical chess between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana. In the overall head to head Caruana is somewhat the underdog, sofar he scores 42,9%. In 2014 he has been doing less succesfull, out of 5 games he scores 30%. To add to that: stemming from real fights, Carlsen’s wins were chess technically more impressive when compared to Fabiano’s one win in which Carlsen blundered a pawn in quite a silly way, even though Caruana showed good technique in that game to win it.

Last Encounter

The last encounter in a classical game between the two was during the Olympiad in Tromso earlier this year. I will annotate the game below.

Click on the moves below to start playing and show a chess board:

Considering their head to head count and their last encounters in 2014, I don’t think that Caruana is going to hurt Carlsen during the Sinquefield Cup.

To be continued…



  1. Marco Pernechele October 6, 2014

    Ahi , if only Waldemar hadn’t written the last line , his article would have been perfect !
    By now , we are seeing the first results of Tchutchelov’s work in Caruana’s play . The well known You Tube commenter Kingscrusher has rightfully said that at least Caruana is one of the very few players who don’t fear Carlsen : he’s right ( this time , without having to consult all his chess computers and engines ) and that’s the difference , for example , with Anand in Chennai , or with Nakamura ( 0 – 10 his recent results vs Carlsen !). The 100,000 dollars earned in Saint Louis should as well allow Fabiano to train calmly in the next two years in preparation for the final match against his black beast – I hope .

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