Previewing The Sinquefield Cup (5): Can Topalov Beat Carlsen?

In a previous article Previewing The Sinquefield Cup (4): Can Nakamura Beat Carlsen?, I discussed the likelyhood of Nakamura beating Carlsen during the upcoming Sinquefield Cup. In this follow-up I want to take a look at the number five on the starting list, Veselin Topalov.


In the database I found 17 encounters in classical chess between Magnus Carlsen and Veselin Topalov. In the overall head to head Topalov is the underdog, sofar he scores only 35,3%. He has however beaten Carlsen in a classical game three times, whereas Carlsen has beaten Topalov  eight times. They drew 6 times.

Last Encounter

The last encounter in a classical game between the two was during the Norway Chess tournament earlier this year. I will annotate the game below.

Click on the moves below to start playing and show a chess board:

Considering their head to head count and the way their last encounter went, I don’t think it is likely that the Bulgarian is going to be a serious threat yet to Carlsen during the Sinquefield Cup.

To be continued…


  1. Marco Pernechele October 4, 2014

    Although not ‘old ‘ Topalov has been in recent years extremely unstable in results . Yes ,
    occasionally he still wins against the new elite , but in my opinion he has already missed the last train for the World Champ like Morozevitch ,Gelfand and others .

  2. Author
    Waldemar October 4, 2014

    Hi Marco,

    Yes, that could be true, even though he had a big resurgence lately because of his decent to good results in St. Louis and Bilbao. He is now even back to no. 3 in the world! By the way, “officially” he has been a FIDE-World Champion in 2005 (San Luis, Argentina). Then he lost his title to Kramnik in 2006 (Toiletgate match).

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